Frequently Asked Questions

What is Little Diamond Models?
Little Diamond Models is an online boutique modeling service for boutiques in need of amazing modeling for their creations. All models receive their items free of charge and in return boutiques will receive high quality photos within 10 days for advertisement. Models list with us for a listing fee and registered boutiques have full access to browse our models and book whoever they feel will make their creations come to life.

Are Models Paid?
No, models are not paid. Instead they are able to keep all items they receive to model.

How often does a model get booked?
Bookings vary depending on what the boutiques are looking for. Models are never limited on the amount of bookings they can accept.

Do photos have to be professional.
Although we do recommend professional photos, they do not have to be professional, but they MUST be high resolution/pro quality.

How many photos are needed for each booking?
Models must submit at least 5-8 photos of each item AND a collage.

Can boutiques and models contact each other?
We ask that all contact stays within Little Diamond Models.

What are the model listing prices?
$25 for 90 Days
$45 for 180 Days $65 for 365 Days
Siblings: Half off (must have a registered model already)

I've heard of boutique modeling, what is that?
Boutique modeling is an arrangement between a model and a boutique where the boutique sends an item to be modeled to the model, the model photographs the item, returns the photos and keeps the clothing as payment.

So the model isn't paid?
No, with boutique modeling the compensation is exclusively in trade, photos for products.

Is this the TFP I've heard of?
It's a version of it, Time For Prints, Time for Products is a term the industry uses to mean that the transaction has no monetary value and is done to increase one's resume or for the joy of the experience as opposed to financial reasons.

Why would I do this if my child wasn't being paid?
The reasons people are drawn to boutique modeling are varied, but a few of the common ones are:
• the exposure
• the experience ( looks great on a resume for when your child wants to model professionally)
• the free items (often the items sent are high quality and valuable)
• the chance to see your child's face on advertising online and in print
• because there are not paying modeling opportunities local to you
• the opportunity to meet other model moms, photographers and boutique owners
• a fantastic photo record of your child
• a fun hobby

Why do boutiques use boutique modeling instead of hiring a model?
Most boutiques who use boutique modeling are still working on a custom scale. The items are typically made when the customer orders. These are not usually boutiques that have products made in a warehouse that are sold in department stores nationally. Because of that their advertising budget does not allow for the kind of large scale photoshoots they need in order to sell their products. They still need high quality photos of each of their items in order to sell them, so they look to boutique modeling as a resource for finding talented models and photographers who can return high quality photos.

So do I need to have a professional photographer?
This isn't a simple answer. The truth is, many boutiques feel that in order to build a reputation for quality products, they need to have really high quality photos. Most boutiques pick models that are both cute and consistently produce high quality photos. In fact, when it comes down to it a model is booked more based on what their photographer does than what they do in the pictures. That doesn't mean if you don't have a professional photographer you won't ever be booked. There are lots of boutiques where the boutique owner feels the "home picture" feeling works best for their boutique.

What are boutiques looking for in pictures?
Some boutiques will specify, but most are looking for photos with these qualities:
• Clean, crisp photos, nothing blurry or out of focus
• Children with clean faces, hair styled, clothing unwrinkled and matching
• A variety of close-ups, full body, headshots and product shots
• A variety of expressions, some smiling, some serious and a few personality shots

How many photos should I turn in?
Again, some of the boutiques will specify, but if you are turning in high quality photos, 10 is a good number.

How can I get started with boutique modeling?
There are a couple ways to do it. Some boutiques will have a model search where often you pay to enter a few photos in a contest and they pick one or two models from those who enter. Other boutiques have an arrangement where if you buy the item full price or at a discounted modeling price they will use customer photos. Other boutiques take advantage of a boutique modeling service.

What is a boutique modeling service?

This is a service that charges models a small fee to work as the intermediary between models and boutiques. Most boutique modeling services are free for boutiques that register. Usually the models' photos are hosted on a website, and the boutiques are able to look through the models and book the one that meets their needs. Some services also have a place where a boutique can post a casting call for a specific need and models can respond.

Is it worth it to use a service?
It is if you are serious about wanting an opportunity to model. Thousands of boutiques use these services, from very well known boutiques to just starting out boutiques. These services provide extra exposure for boutiques by posting their photos, and they will work on the boutiques behalf to make sure the model returns photos that meets a boutique's standards so the boutique doesn't have to be the bad guy. For these reasons a boutique modeling service is a very attractive proposition for boutiques which in turn means lots of modeling opportunities for models.

There are so many modeling services, how do I know which is the right one for me?
Models look for different qualities in the services they use, but we suggest looking for these attributes when selecting a boutique modeling service:
• They charge for their service-you know the expression, you get what you pay for
• They have at least 5,000 fans
• They are posting on their fan page at least once a day
• They have a support group for model moms
• They have a support group for boutiques
• They have an incentive program for models to turn in great shots
• They have an incentive program for boutiques to book unbooked models
• They have at least 200 bookings a month (look back through their photo albums and make sure they have albums with at least 200 pictures of each of the past 3 months)

I hope this information helps when deciding if boutique modeling is right for your family. Make sure you only do it as long as you are having fun.