Perks for being an LDM model/boutique, How exciting!!

Most boutiques with LDM offer discounts for shopping with them. LDM boutiques who are exclusive now offer a higher discount for exclusive models only. Be sure to check with them or read the doc in our diamond family group.

Exclusive Model/Boutique Perks:
Each week one featured boutique will be one of our exclusive boutiques
Website ads for exclusive boutiques
Book an exclusive model and receive shipping credits(Check reward page for more info)
More chances for models to be a featured diamond
Monthly prizes for BOTH boutiques and models

Shopping Perks:
Yes you read that right, perks for shopping!!! Who doesn't love to shop??
*This is for all models, BUT only qualifies for exclusive boutiques.

For each EXCLUSIVE boutique you shop with you can now receive rewards!! Don't forget our boutiques also offer discounts for exclusive models and regular models, be sure to check those out.

Each purchase counts as a *Diamond*, you will receive 1 diamond per purchase.
Perks are not based off value, but instead of how many times you purchase. For instance

10 diamonds receive a FREE COMP CARD CHANGE
15 diamonds receive a FEATURED DIAMOND SPOT
20 diamonds FREE 1 MONTH LISTING.

This can be from the same boutique over and over OR different boutiques.

Claim your perks:

In order to claim your perks you MUST email over the paid receipt to

Date purchase was made
Boutique name
Model's name

Perks start from TODAY 10-3 forward. No past purchases count

I will keep track of the perks PLUS you will receive a perks card

All exclusive boutiques can be found on our fan page in the exclusive boutique album