Little Diamond Models Rewards

Rules to qualify:

Rules to qualify:


Rules to qualify:

You must add the received date for all bookings. Be sure to use the calender. Communication is KEY.
You MUST complete each booking within 14 days of receiving your items. There is no going over 14 days and receiving a punch. They MUST be turned in by Midnight EST time by your 14th day in order to gain a punch for the booking. Buy 1 Model 1: You are allowed 2 per punch card. Your punch will have a P instead of LDM. When you email over your info you MUST include that it was a b1m1. Failure to do so will result in loosing your rights. In order to obtain a punch card/punch you MUST email over the following within 48 hours of receiving your closed booking email(Unless you are waiting on an updated card, in that case the 48 hours is void). Model name, Boutique name, Booking ID, Collage, Received date, and Punch card(if you have one already, if not please let me know that you need one). Be sure to include if it was free or b1m1. Photos must have been approved by the boutique. If you are asked for a reshoot at any given time you will be removed from the album and start over with punches.

If you email over the wrong punch card I will not be able to issue out a punch or go back and give you one if you realize you sent the wrong one so PLEASE be careful.

If a boutique books you more than once at a time this is still considered 1 booking. Please do not cheat/abuse the rewards or you will loose them.

Group Shoots: You are limited to THREE(3) punches on group shoots, Even if you model for 10 boutiques, you will only receive up to three punches. This isn't fair to others who can't do group shoots.

You will receive a free photo swap for each new level(10kt, 18kt, 24kt, and platinum)
Free month listings once you fill up 18kt, half of 24kt and platinum cards.
Once you reach Platinum Diamonds, You will receive 1 free month for every 50 bookings, 10% off listings at ALL times*except for the $10 month to month listings*, 1 free comp photo swap per month, and you will receive a featured diamond spot more often, however I cannot guarantee a booking each time.

Successful bookings mean punches!!
10 Karat Diamonds:
You must complete 2 successful bookings to be added

18 Karat Diamonds:
You must complete 10 successful bookings to be added

24 Karat Diamonds:
You must complete 20 successful bookings to be added

Platinum Diamonds:
You must complete 50 successful bookings to be added. This is our highest level of models.


Ready to fill up your jewelry box and turn in those shining diamonds(points) for prizes?? Diamond rewards is a way to give back to our amazing, active boutiques. You will have a chance to earn points and redeem them for prizes(Shipping, model listings, advertisement)

How To Gain Points:

For each booking you SHIP please email over the following to

* Models Name
* Boutique Name
* Tracking number
* Booking Value (This MUST match what was provided on the booking unless other wise noted)
* Booking ID

* Featured Diamond/Unbooked/Exclusive(This is only sent if it applies to you. This is your responsibility to keep up with)

Buy 1 model 1 bookings do not count.

Featured Diamonds/Unbooked Models/Exclusive Models:
If you book one of the above diamonds you have a chance to earn a $2 shipping credit(Credits are not guaranteed). Credits are based on the amount of money our fresh face contest brings in. Fresh Faces run every 2 months, so shipping credits will be given every 2 months. You can earn up to $10. Shipping credits do no roll over. Once posted you will have 72 hours to claim your prize.

If 20 shops each book a featured diamond or unbooked model and I have $40 in the pot all 20 shops each get $2 dollars at the end of the month If I have 25 shops and only $40 then 20 shops get picked randomly.

**DISCLAIMER: This is subject to change at anytime. If funds are depleted I will withdraw the $2 shipping credits until the pot is full again**

Each diamond holds a $10 value. For each $10 you send out to models you will earn 1 diamond.

Redeem Your Diamonds(Points):
You can choose how you would like to spend your diamonds. Each month your diamonds will rollover. Remember 1 diamond = 1 pt.
* 1 Diamond = 1 free photo swap to use whenever you please. You already receive 1 free change a month(Boutiques only)
* 2 Diamonds = Featured Boutique Spot
* 15 Diamonds = 1 free model listing(1 month) for one model
* 20 Diamonds = Website ad for 30 days. I only have 10 spaces per month so please keep this in mind.
* 35 Diamonds = 1 album all to yourself on the LDM fan page. You will be allowed to email over any photos/info that you would like posted. We will share your album and photos for 30 days. This is basically 1 full month of features.

Once you use your diamonds for a reward they will be subtracted from your total. Please email me for totals.

Thank you,