Rules of LDM:

Please make sure ALL communication with boutiques stays within our LDM website. Each booking has a conversation section in which you can communicate back and forth with each boutique that books you.


  • If your child has yet to receive a booking we do allow you to post twice a week on our FAN page. Do not beg, simply state Model name___ age___ is awaiting his/her first booking(add a link to book them from our website).
  • Comp Cards: Models are allowed 1 free change and 1 free birthday change(you have 1 week to use this change). You will also receive a free change when moving up KT levels. Other than that changes are $3 each.
  • Welcoming New Boutiques: Please do not spam their wall OR post links/photos. Keep the welcomes Simple by posting something like this. "Welcome to LDM from Kayden age 2." Please do not say I would love to model for you, etc. Remember they are still running a business and do not need their page filled up/spammed. Messaging a boutique begging is not allowed either.
  • Please do NOT comment on a boutiques photo stating you would love to model this, or do you need a model for this, etc. If you are caught you WILL be removed and ban from LDM.
  • If your child has their own model page or you simply just use your personal facebook page you can let your friends/fans know that your child is listed with us and tag our fan page.
  • Please do not beg for bookings. If you are caught begging you will be removed from LDM. We take this very serious.
  • If you are interested in more bookings for your model(s) feel free to check out our Buy 1 Model 1 album. You can only have 2 paid booking punches per punch card though, so please keep this in mind.
  • Featured Diamonds: All featured diamonds are chosen at random unless you have won a spot or it is your models birthday.
  • Punch Card-Check our rewards page for more info
  • * There are no refunds for time purchased to be a part of our team. We reserve the right to suspend your subscription for what we deem to be inappropriate behavior or poor business practices.
  • Please have respect for LDM. If you own or work for another service this is considered conflict of interest and you will not be allowed to list with LDM. If you start up or start working for a service in the middle of your listing you will be removed/unable to renew. This goes for models AND boutiques!!! 


Model Booking Process(Models/Photographers):

  • Once you have been booked you will receive an email to check your account. To accept, please log into your account and click on bookings on the right hand side, here you will be able to accept or decline your booking. If you choose to accept PLEASE be sure to leave your mailing address.
  • You MUST update the boutique via the booking conversation on the same day you receive the items. There is a calendar to mark your received date. This is a must.
  • You have 14 days to return 5-8 images of each item once you receive them in the mail. Failure to turn in photos within 14 days will result in your account being deactivated and removal from LDM.
  • Please do NOT send photos straight to the boutique. They MUST be sent via the booking on the website using a photo sharing site(picasa, flickr, etc, NO photobucket). Please do not email photos to LDM either.
  • If you are in need of a few extra days you must first contact the boutique via the booking conversation and ask them if they are ok with a few more days. If they agree you must then email me to let me know. Please keep the boutique(s) updated at all times.
  • If you fail to turn in pics within 14 days and do not stay in contact with us you will be responsible for either paying for all items(including shipping) or ship back all items at your cost.
  • If a reshoot is requested you have 7 days to get your pics turned back in and approved.
  • If you are interested in our reward system please check out the rewards page of our website and follow all the steps. This is only good 48 hrs after the boutique closes the booking, so do not submit early or late.
  • IF your images are going to be sent over watermarked PLEASE make sure the boutique was already notified BEFORE items were sent. Also make sure the watermark DOES NOT touch the model or anything being modeled. 
  • Be sure to leave the boutique a review.



  • It is FREE to join LDM as a boutique and book models/photographers, however, all bookings are 100% free. We do allow paid casting calls, but there are guidelines that must be followed.
  • We ask that you book at least 1 model every 3 months. Failure to book will result in being removed from LDM.
  • Your booking must be shipped out within 6 weeks or your account will become deactivated. 
  • We will NOT announce your welcome until you have booked your first model.
  • In order to request a paid casting call you MUST have booked AND shipped a booking that is 100% FREE within the last 2 months.
  • All paid casting calls/bookings MUST be at least 50% off retail value(including shipping) and posted on FRIDAY only and will be removed on Monday's without warning. Please do not post them on our FAN page.
  • If you back out of 3 or more bookings you will be ban from LDM. I am pretty understanding when things happen, but within reason.
  • Once you ship your item please let the model know in the booking conversation of the website. If you are interested in our reward system please check out our rewards page of our website.
  • If your model is on day 15 and you have not been notified/asked for a few more days please contact LDM via email ASAP.
  • You cannot receive any type of boutique discount on listings if you have not booked/shipped to 1 model every 3 months


Model Booking Process(Boutiques):

  • When you are ready to book a model please sign into your account and find the cutie you are wanting to book.
  • Next click on Book Online Now, You will then be taken to our booking form
  • Please make sure you fill out every box(if it does not pertain to your booking please write "N/A". Make sure you check that you agree to the terms or the booking will not go through.
  • Please do not check on of the following unless it pertains to your booking: Featured Diamond, Buy 1 Model 1, Booking Party, Paid Casting Call
  • An email will then be sent to the model
  • Once your booking ships please add a conversation note to let the model know( we recommend that you add tracking to all packages)
  • All models have 14 days to get photos turned in from the day after they receive their items in the mail.
  • Once photos are accepted via LDM, they will then be sent to you for approval.
  • Be sure to leave the models/photographer a review.