Little Diamond Models Privacy Policy

All communication between boutiques and models/photographers/pets MUST be done through the Little Diamond Models website. Models should never contact boutiques directly to request/beg for bookings, unless you are trying to participate in their buy 1 model 1 deal. We recommend that models and boutiques welcome each other but please make sure it is left as that, a simple welcome. Please do not post links to book a model.


Models, photographers, and pets may choose their listing under the subscription section of the website. Please click on your desired listing and we will send an invoice to the email associated with your account. Your listing does not start until all required information has been sent over. Please note it is your responsibility to make sure everything gets sent to Once your listing expires your model will become deactivated. All karat standings will be removed if you have not paid to renew before your listing expires.

Little Diamond Models shall not be held accountable for any loss suffered by a boutique and or model. In the event that an assignment is not completed and photos are not returned as expected the model/photographer will be billed for the resale value of the merchandise. If the model/photographer does NOT pay for the items or return them in a timely manner, Little Diamond Models has rights to ban the model/photographer, without refund of their listing fee. Little Diamond Models is not liable for payment of the boutique's merchandise.

Unsatisfied Booking
If a boutique is unsatisfied with the images provided by a model they have 48 hours to contact Little Diamond Models. You can then request a re-shoot via Little Diamond Models or the boutique may choose to contact the model directly through the website. If Little Diamond Models or the model is not notified we will assume the images are accepted.

Usage of Images
When images are submitted through Little Diamond Models, the boutique is given rights which allow them to use the images only for advertisement of their shop and products. The boutique may use the photos in print, digital, and web usage. The boutique may not sell or distribute the photos in any way.

Little Diamond Models protects photographers' copyright to the best of our ability. If at anytime you feel your work or someone else's work has been copied or altered that infringes copyright please contact Little Diamond Models with all details and we will do our best to resolve the issue at hand. Little Diamond Models is not liable for any copyright infringements or stolen images.

Conflict of Interest
Little Diamond Models reserves the right to deny or cancel the listing of any model, photographer, or boutique who own a business that presents a conflict of interest with Little Diamond Models(IE. competing listing service). No refund will be provided if your listing is cancelled.

Little Diamond Models reserves the right to terminate the listing of any model, photographer, pet, or boutique without refund if any of our rules/guidelines are not followed. If you choose to cancel your listing before it expires your information will be removed from our website however no refund will be provided.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at